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Testimonials From Angelus Family Members

My parent recently moved to Angelus. The interaction with the leadership staff as we made the transition from another apartment complex was outstanding. The personal attention was given to help with orientation, and the assisted living staff has done a great job helping with personal needs. My parent loves the beautiful view of Lake Michigan and the river and forest behind the facility. Home-cooked meals are excellent, and the social atmosphere is very pleasant. My parent finds the staff very friendly and has comfort with the pendant system which allows for immediate contact with caregivers at the push of a button 24 hours per day. Our family appreciates the security and monitoring of needs that are part of the Angelus care system. We value the fact that levels of care can be increased as needed, thereby making it unlikely another move will be necessary as our parents further age. We were very impressed with the fact Angelus arranged for COVID vaccination for all residents as soon as the vaccine became available in January. My parent has participated in and enjoyed some of the many social activities arranged by the staff, but is also allowed to have independence in daily life. We believe the atmosphere at Angelus is among the safest that can be found for our parents during the period of Covid concern. I would highly recommend Angelus for anyone seeking a Residential Care Apartment Complex for their loved ones or themselves.


"Is this where I'll be living? It's so beautiful!" were my mother's first words when she first came to Angelus Senior Living. She continued to enjoy the facilities and her apartment but soon came to appreciate the staff even more. She was an extremely fussy eater, but the chef treated her with great consideration. He spent as much time as needed talking with her to figure out what she would enjoy eating and what she wouldn’t eat at all. Above all, she praised "The Girls”, who helped her with daily living tasks and always responded cheerfully when she called for help. They also let me know whenever they felt she needed me to help with a problem. Although she passed within a year of moving in, I will always be grateful for the considerate and consistent care she received for her entire residence.


What made you choose Angela Senior Living?
Well, I look at things from an economic point of view, and I checked on about five or six places that have assisted living, and this one was the best price. It's the extras that make a difference. And by the extras, I mean, here you get your TV, you get your cleaning, you get your laundry, and the utilities are all taken care of. And the fact that it is more modern, it's easier to get through with the wheelchair and things like that. You go into a shower, you don't have to step over a bathtub to get in.
Would you recommend Angela Senior living?
I already have several times! I've handed out the booklets. Nobody likes to move, but they look at this place and it's really the kind of place that you want to go to for an assisted living. They're always helpful and they're always pleasant. We enjoy being here. Nothing's like home. But this is about as close as we can get.


Can you describe the community here at Angelus?
Yeah, I can! It's wonderful, to begin with, and they come from all walks of life, and they become friends and family. You know, it's just wonderful. And I do think that the happy hour helps people socially get to know one another.
What other things do you enjoy doing here at Angelus besides? Happy hour?
Oh, I enjoy bingo. That's my favorite. And because you're with people, you're not sitting alone in the apartment.
How did the staff here at Angelus make you feel right at home?
Well, to begin with, Katie was very accommodating and everything when I moved. The employees are positively excellent. They're there with a smile and try their best, they make you feel like an important individual. You can't ask for more.


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